Have a small business in need of a BIG online presence?

Facetime Presentations offers in-person consultations to help improve your online business and grow your customer base

Our Expertise, Your Success

  • Web Design
  • Digital Ad Campaigns (Google Ads & Facebook)
  • Blog Content Creation
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Full Strategy Plans
  • Email Marketing



GOOGLE ADS / ADWORDS MANAGEMENT and website design is organized and taken care of by one seamless, virtual Marketing Agency. Our dynamic team uses experience, foresight and online tools to collaborate between team members and the Client for an effective Google Ads campaign to be developed.
Your website has been finely tuned and now it’s time to spend marketing dollars on-line / spend marketing money online. Maximize reach for spend! As Digital Marketers and Social Media Experts we will have the marketing activities organised / organized and flowing seamlessly to increase the percentage of Website Visitors who become Customers. Read more information about our digital strategizing skill   


Digital Marketing: We create search engine marketing and social marketing plans for business and organisations. The digital planning process starts with a genuine need to understand how the business operates. We actively listen and discuss the business goals and priorities before presenting the digital strategy / digital strategies. We’ll study the industry including the competition.  Before presenting the recommended marketing tactics. Read more information about the digital strategising skills and services.


We make a business stand out in the crowd. We work as a small team of digital marketers, web developers and creatives who design web sites, landing pages, social media sites and Google Adwords campaigns. We will provide reports and help you understand the performance variables that help define SEO Success (SEO = Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Optimization). Again maximizing the effectiveness of the online advertising budget and thus return on investment / ROI. Read more information about our creative marketing campaign skills and services.


Put a face to the business. We increase the % of your website visitors who become Customers. We take your website from one of the crowd to the top of the pile with our web design, search and social marketing programs. Read more information about our digital management skills and services.  

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